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Thursday, December 27th, 2007

First of all I wish you had a pleasant Christmas.

And what about playing a nice Xmas-themed FlashGame during the holidays?

I found this one, Santa’s Tower (Red Beard Attack) very funny and fresh since it seems to be just released.

Santa's Towerby

You have to help Santa Claus to protect the presents from Red Beard and his gang.
Santa is on the top of his tower, the enemies come from the bottom, climbing the tower wall, or coming down from the sky.

Each enemy carries a symbol: while keeping the left mouse button pressed you have to trace the symbols in order to fight them. The control is interesting, it is called “gesture recognition system” (one of the first implementation was on Peter Molyneux’s “Black & White“) basically you have to employ your mouse-drawing skills for good playing since each failed sign costs you points!

You have to face several waves (nine if I’m not wrong): from bottom only, from the sky, both directions and back again like this but with harder symbols, growing difficulty in shapes and number, you’ll have to reproduce multiple signs to beat the bad guys. At the end of the last wave you’ll notice a bigger symbol box (in purple) coming from the bottom: it’s the final boss -the crucial phase of the game- the huge teddy bear with Red Beard on his shoulder.

Tips and Tricks:
Once you’ve learned how to draw the symbols without too many mistakes, try to concentrate on the Combos, tracing sings occurring more than once in the screen at the same time.

My best score: 76,335

About the score, well this is how much I managed to do honestly, yes because the game is affected by a huge bug: when the bug is running, even if it’s impossible to complete and reach the final boss, you could double up scores, potentially scoring incredible ones. Doing so I submitted the highest one, 1st place in the Top 100 board, using the nickname “Please FIX this BUG!” sending an e-mail about how to fix it. Let’s see.

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