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So far only a few games in this section... why?
Because there's quite a difference in donwloading hundreds of flash games available on the net and just put them on your site... and write your own game that could take about six months ;)

Play Heracleum Sudoku online and free! A Set of EIGHT new puzzles every day! Four sizes (4x4, 9x9, 16x16, 25x25) in two difficulty levels. Your new Daily Sodoku source.

Shopping Mall Bowling

Shopping Mall Bowling
OK a new game by Heracleum. This time not a Java game, a Flash game, Shopping Mall Bowling: people instead of bowling pins... but hey! They're moving!

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09 01 2009 01:11:26 - Shopping Mall Bowling: Help
Shopping Mall Bowling: people instead of bowling pins… but hey! They’re moving! GAME CONTROLS Use mouse to move left and right, left mouse click to throw the bowling ball. You can apply a spin effect, so that ball will follow a curved trajectory: right after you’ve clicked to throw ball you can move mouse left/right to apply the [...]
Prima di tutto mi auguro abbiate passato un buon Natale. Possiamo non giocare ad un gioco flash natalizio durante le feste? Nooo. Ho trovato questo, Santa’s Tower (Red Beard Attack) molto simpatico e fresco visto che pare appena pubblicato. by GameZhero.com Aiuta Babbo Natale a proteggere i regali dalle manacce di Red Beard e la sua armata di folletti [...]
27 12 2007 05:02:31 - Santa?s Tower: Red Beard Attack
First of all I wish you had a pleasant Christmas. And what about playing a nice Xmas-themed FlashGame during the holidays? I found this one, Santa’s Tower (Red Beard Attack) very funny and fresh since it seems to be just released. by GameZhero.com You have to help Santa Claus to protect the presents from Red Beard and his gang. Santa [...]
25 10 2007 12:50:56 - Come giocare al Sudoku
Il Sudoku classico si gioca su una griglia 9×9 divisa in sotto-griglie 3×3 anche dette “regioni”. Come puoi vedere alcune celle della griglia iniziale mostrano giÓ un numero (o genericamente un valore o un simbolo). Altre versioni hanno dimensioni della griglia maggiori (o minori nel caso del 4×4 per bambini) e dunque differenti valori che andranno [...]
19 10 2007 16:55:49 - How to play Sudoku
The classic Sudoku is played over a 9×9 grid divided into smaller 3×3 grids called “regions”. As you can see some grid cells already show a number (or generically a value or symbol). Other versions feature different grid size and different values to fill the grid cells but, to avoid complicated explanations of the rules let’s [...]
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