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This Editor is still
in BETA version!
Say Moticon Beta Warning
Since this Editor is still in BETA version, of course you could start using it, putting the provided code on your blog, website or forum... BUT keep in mind that images are constantly under development so they are subject to change.
There are just a few Emoticon Sets available just for testing purposes, of course there will be a lot more in the future. Plus, there are -evidently- some graphical glitches to fix, above all the FONT alignment.

So please report any suggestion and comments in this page.
Have fun!
Say-Moticon Editor
Say Moticon Beta

Create a Smilie and let it say your message:

Here you can create a fully customisable image showing a talking (or thinking) emoticon. Then you can add it to your messages on the Web, on Forums, your website or Blog. Use the arrows to choose various combinations of shape, eyes, mouth and other, changing all the colours you like, defining the emoticon's expression, its mood. In the end, write the text of the speech balloon to say your message. You can set its dimension and the font you prefer.
When you think it looks good, click the OK, I'm done button: select and copy one of the two kinds of code, paste it on your web page (HTML) or forum post (BBcode).
Free your fantasy and create the wackiest ones!

Please select an emoticon Set:
Test Smiley Size: 100 x 100
Steps: 3
Author: Heracleum

Test Smiley

This is just a test smiley and here is its description
Smooth Smiley Size: 100 x 100
Steps: 3
Author: Heracleum

Smooth Smiley

A smooth and clean smiley, more to come soon...
Please, do NOT modify the provided code, thanks!

Say-Moticon is a web-tool by Heracleum.
This editor has been tested on recent releases of Internet Explorer (7), Mozilla, Firefox and Opera.

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