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e-sig: e-cigarette signature generator

Create your e-sig:

Here you can create an imagine to use as signature in Forums, your website or Blog.
There are basically two types of signature image: one to show how long you're vaping for and your e-cig model while the other is about your e-liquid usage, showing statistics, very handy for you too, to schedule the use of a specified amount of nicotine, to check how long your E-liquid bottle will last, the comparison between the nicotine you're vaping now to when you used to smoke those regular sigarettes (so called analogs).
When it looks good to you, click the OK, I'm done button: select and copy one of the two kinds of code, paste it on your web page (HTML) or forum post (BBcode).

Here's an example of how the e-cig signature will look like:
...and here's the second type about E-liquid consumption:
e-sig e-liquid

Click here to create it!

Please, do NOT modify the provided code, thanks!
* Can't find an e-cig model in the list? Request a new background image here.

E-sig is a web-tool by Heracleum.
This editor has been tested on recent releases of Internet Explorer, Firefox and Opera.

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