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Shopping Mall Bowling: Help

Friday, January 9th, 2009

Shopping Mall Bowling: people instead of bowling pins… but hey! They’re moving!


Use mouse to move left and right, left mouse click to throw the bowling ball.
You can apply a spin effect, so that ball will follow a curved trajectory: right after you’ve clicked to throw ball you can move mouse left/right to apply the spin. Just practice a bit, it’s easy and definitely useful.

Pause game: “P” or “Pause” key. This will pause and show the Options menu.
Options: you can turn off special graphical effects (such as motion blur, shading and color effects) if you see the game is not running smoothly on your PC or, in case, even lower render quality.


Basically you should throw your ball and hit people walking around, but not at random, you should follow a certain strategy to get good scores (explained further). (more…)