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Tuesday, March 1st, 2011

Info: e-sig generator creates a dynamic signature showing how long you’re vaping for and your favourite electronic cigarette models as background image.

esig-models Go to e-signature generator

Please request here the addition of a new image and e-cigarette model if you can’t find it in the drop-down list of available background images in the e-sig form.

Leave a comment with your request.

While requesting a new e-cig to be added please provide the link to an image of the model, maybe an existing one already on the web otherwise if you could kindly provide the link to a photo you took yourself it would be great (possibly fitting the horizontal rectangle of the e-signature, on a clear background).

32 Responses to “Request new e-cig models for e-sig signature generator”

  1. Adrian michelle Says:

    I`d like to see in the near future the Sailebao ego model on the drop-down list.
    Here is the image:

  2. Heracleum Says:

    Hi Adrian,
    it is now available on the list as “SLB eGo black”. I hope you like it. Thanks for the request!

  3. PEDS Says:

    please include ego tank

  4. SummerDawn Says:

    Please include E-Power.. I have the 14650, but either is fine.

  5. hype Says:

    Joye eGo-T Silver

  6. jason b Says:

    i’d like to see an image for the elite 808 at

  7. Heracleum Says:

    Ok new models available:
    - eGo-T stainless
    - E-power
    - Elite 808
    - Apex Alpha Ultra
    - Precise P16

  8. Renee Nolan Says:

    I would like to be able to use my signature Justice Ego Battery for my signature on the forum.

    Here is the Link:

    PLease let em know how I can do this, or if it is possible…
    Thanks for all your time,
    Renee Nolan

  9. Heracleum Says:

    Hi Renee,
    I don’t know why you’d like to show the battery only :) anyway it is now available as “Justice Ego Battery”.

  10. Serban Says:

    How about E-go Black ?

  11. tom colley Says:

    I would like to see a:

    ProVari (satin finish)
    Zenesis mini
    Ego-C (black)
    Genesis Line

  12. Nyral Says:

    I would like vapor king extra long diamond series added the pic has a drip tip on it but it is here.

  13. tango Says:

    Please include Box Mod, thanks

  14. krnjbifo Says:

    I would like see the image of Alloy XL mod here. Thanks!

  15. HypE Says:

    i like to see Stainless Joyetec Ego C

  16. Heracleum Says:

    Ugh when I started programming this sig-generator I couldn’t imagine there would be so many different models in the future :)
    To support numerous models I have to modify the program a bit. Thanks for your patience!

  17. Heracleum Says:

    - Phantom
    - Lavatube
    - Infinity
    - ProVari

    Please provide a link to a specific image and precise title/description, it always helps, thanks!

  18. Mike Says:

    i use a Silver Bullet with a 8ml tank..

  19. Heracleum Says:

    - eGo-T black 1100mAh
    - Silver Bullet + tank

  20. martin fernandez Says:

    please include the following:

    omega by altsmoke

    hamer of thor by epipemods

  21. Heracleum Says:

    - Leo Pro
    - Omega
    - Mjolnir - Hammer of Thor

    While requesting a new e-cig to be added please provide the link to an image of the model (read post), that helps a lot and basically ensures that colour and other details are at least the ones the requesting user wanted ;)

  22. Aurel Grigore Says:

    Please include SMOK VMAX SS, here is the picture:

  23. danny Says:

    Can we have a vamo please :)

  24. Heracleum Says:

    - eGo-C
    - eGo ce4
    - Puff Quantum
    - Vinci
    - GGTS
    - YC 518
    - eVic
    - Smooke Q-bò
    - Electric Angel AFC Mod
    - Swig BB
    - Vamo

    It took me a while, I know, thanks for your patience!

  25. Heracleum Says:

    - eRoll / emini black
    - eRoll / emini white

  26. Alpana Says:

    Lrider Mini Lambo

  27. Jeff Maines Says:

    how about a Nemesis mod?

  28. 건마 Says:


    Request new e-cig models for e-sig signature generator - Heracleum Pages…

  29. Pripropka Says:

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  32. discuss Says:

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