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...And here's the Heracleum's Tools section, of course all free stuff I've developed so far.

Say Moticon

Create an emoticon on-the-fly and let it say your message in balloons. Use it on your website, blog or forums to have fun with your friends.

Are you a vaper? Create your e-signature on-the-fly and show how long you've been vaping for and which e-cig model you like. Especially useful for forums signature.

Check out this powerful tool for searching info about a word, a name, a place, in whatever language! And get tons of info all at once, about how it looks, how it is pronounced, how his/her face look like in case it's a person, get videos about it.
Heracleum Palindrome

New website! A community of Palindrome creators. You can simply browse the palindrome sentences, read, comment and like... or join the community and start creating your own palindromes. It's easier than you might imagine, especially using the editor and other tools that will greatly assist you.
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